• This idea of a well planned and all inclusive wedding in Tuscany comes from the experience of a famous Tuscan Wedding Planner.
  • The thought of a wedding in Tuscany is a dream for many foreign couples but very often the search for the right venue, the ideal wedding planner and all the other services lasts for months making the whole process quite stressful, particularly when you are trying to do all this from abroad.  This is why we created these packages, for a high quality wedding, that is already planned yet customizable at the same time.

We have worked with our partners to be able to offer you a selection of wedding packages combining top quality with competitive prices. We would like you to have the wedding of your dreams without the stress.

These wedding packages are studied for three different wedding sizes:
-10 persons
-20 persons
-40 persons

Are you planning to have more guests? No problem, we have found other Villas, farmhouses and B&B’s near our locations for all your guests.

And you can choose from a :
-Week end wedding formula
-Week wedding formula


Tuscan dmc by Laura Nicolelli Fulgenzi

The passion for my job started during high school, while I was studying foreign languages and working as a tour guide for tourists from all over the world.

After graduating in Political Sciences and International Relationships I earned a Masters Degree in Project Management in Rome. My professional experience started working for guided tours, events and weddings in cooperation with many agencies all around Tuscany and Umbria.

In 2010 I founded Tuscan dmc. I work passionately for all my clients, also having the honor to cooperate with important companies as a consultant and professor.

My greatest pleasure is to plan the perfect wedding and to find all the best that Tuscany and Italy have to offer to my clients: love for art, genuine food and excellent wines, history , our Renaissance cities, small villages and our endless landscapes…These are surely the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable Tuscany wedding!


Some of Laura’s happy customers